Friday, July 12, 2013

Helal Linux 4 is here !


Helal Linux team is pleased to announce the availability of Helal Linux 4; the best version we ever made until now, based on Ubuntu 13.04.

Helal Linux 4 has many special programs like:
  • Helal Control Center: a special application for Helal Linux to customize the system preferences easily.
  • Helal Software Center: based on mintinstall, with porting some pages to webkit, fix some issues, and some other improvements.
  • Helal URL Shortener: a small GUI program to shorten web URLs from the desktop easily.
  • Helal Recorder: a desktop recorder for Helal Linux.
  • Helal WYSIWYG Editor: a HTML editor using webkit and pygtk.
  • Helal Welcome: a small script to welcome new users.
  • Helal Linux Repository: now Helal Linux users can get Helal programs updates among other free software automatically from the repository.

Among other features:
  • Linux kernel 3.8.
  • Gnome Shell 3.6 , Gnome Classic, Unity 7.
  • Support for Nvidia Optimus technology from Helal Control Center.
  • Wine , VirtualBox , Pidgin, Gimp, Boot-Repair , OS-Uninstaller is already installed.
  • Chromium is now the default browser instead of Firefox.
  • Unity-Online Search is now off by default, no automatic bug reports are being sent to Canonical now.
  • Some Islamic apps, like Monajat, Othman is already installed.
  • Small fixes for crash reports, better performance, more customize ability.


Click here to download, here for torrent.

MD5: 60031e89e2f5683c039a363e815c47e1 helallinux-4-gnome.iso

For help, you may visit our forum, or our group on Facebook.


  1. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
    nice distro Hanny. i tray to download it right now.

    i have some request for you, and i think it will useful for muslims user, to add Al-Maktabah As-Syamilah - المكتبة الشاملة ( - to Helal Linux trough Wine. or a simple tutorial how to instal it into Helal Linux.

    this would be appreciate.

    أرجو أن تهتم بهذا الطلب ولك الشكر والتقدير . أنا حاولت وبذلت جهدى لتثبيت المكتبة الشاملة ولكم wine لم يدعم اللغة العربية جيدا

    وكما عرفنا أن البرنامج العربية الموجودة اكثرها لتوزيعة وندوز ولم يدعم لتوزيعة لينكس

    أنا استخدمت المكتبة القرطاس لها ولصانعها الشكر والتقدير ولكن لم يكن كما أرجو من بساطة التثبيت والاستخدام

    أنا اتصلت بموقع المكتبة الشاملة سائلا أن ينشأ المكتبة الشاملة لتوزيعة لينكس . قالوا إنشاء الله ولكن مرت سنة ولم يكن هناك ما أرجو . أنا فهمت اعتذارهم بأن صناعة البرنامج بلغة برمجية أخرى ليست أمر هين ولا سهل

    ومنك أطلب المساعدة وجزاك الله خيرا كثيرا


    أسيف رونى
    جاكرتا إندونيسيا

    1. وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته.

      Welcome my brother :)
      you can read Al-Maktabah As-Syamilah books using Calibre, because Al-Maktabah As-Syamilah provides the books in .ePUB format, and Calibre can read this format, you can download the books in .ePUB from here:

      thank you :)

  2. the other request is:
    how to add Cinnamon to Helal Linux or can it be the default beside Gnome Classic, Gnome 3 and Unity?

    Thanks a lot

    I couldn't imagine that you was a young boy but can make a big work. you was one of a tiny creative minority. I guess Steve Job was a Syrian too. hope you can make big project like him too, but in Open Source Software area.

    I've visited Helal Linux since the Helal 3, and save it screenshots to my computer but never try it before. i'm Sabily Badr user since Ubuntu Muslim Edition 8.10, but today it's discontinued, and i use Linux Mint 14 too. today i wanna know Helal linux taste and spice.

    nice to know you my brother. visit my blog but it with Indonesia Language. i speak Arabic too, but to write English Language is fast than Arabic.

    best regard

    1. you can just run:
      $ sudo apt-get install cinnamon

      thank you for your kind wishes, i really hope that i will be able to do that إن شاء الله :)

      Sad to hear that Sabily is dead, i learned a lot of things from that distro :(

      nice to know you too :)
      thank you.
      best regard.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

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